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Has your dream become your God, or has God become a means to an end?

I have two tricky questions for you and that you need to have the courage to answer them sincerely:

1- Has your blessing, your dream in life, become your god? Has it become more important to you than God Himself?

People’s reactive response is, “No, God is more important, for sure”. But when God does not give you what you asked for and you, disappointed, do not want to pray, go to church and invest in your relationship with Him, it is because what you asked for has already become your god.

2- Has God become a means to an end? A route to achieve a goal? Do you seek God only because of His power to give you what you want?

When the person really wants God, He is the beginning, end, purpose, and final word; His will counts. Stay tuned because maybe you fell into the trap of running after the blessings and forgot the blesser; you are cold in faith, bitter.

If this happened, come back, repent, put this dream below God and accept His will for you.

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Bishop Renato Cardoso