Blog Renato Cardoso | 16 de June de 2017 - 12:13

Every human being has a god* complex

Every human being has a god* complex. Some more than others, but we all like the idea of:

– doing whatever we want and not being held accountable for anything
– bending principles and values ​​for our own benefit; magically escaping the consequences of our own attitudes
– thinking that we are knowledgeable about everything and don’t need anyone to teach us
– judging everyone who doesn’t agree with us and exterminating them with a lightning in a fraction of a second…

As long as we don’t realise this truth about ourselves and submit our most obscure desires to the One and Only God, we’ll suffer and make those whom we love the most suffer as well.

*A god in the sense of “being above everything and everyone,” not in regards to the goodness we normally attribute to God.

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