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Do you see through your other eyes?

Do you see through your other eyes?

Part 7 of 7 – click here for part  6

But my eyes are upon You, O GOD the Lord; in You I take refuge; Do not leave my soul destitute. – Psalm 141:8

Keeping your eyes on the invisible is not an easy task. How to look at what can’t be seen? There’s only one way: through the eyes of faith. That’s why David said: “in You I take refuge”.

To have eyes of faith means to trust in God. Have you ever said: “I trust so-and-so blindly”? This expression indicates a person’s integrity and reliability, someone you trust to the point of not having to see with your physical eyes, because with the eyes of trust you can already see whatever you expect from that person being done.

We’re constantly tempted to only keep our eyes on what we can see, and they usually see what is wrong. If our house is normally tidy, but by the time we come home from work something is out of place, our eyes will quickly spot that. And so it is with life as well.

It is not uncommon to see your partner’s flaws and overlook his qualities. For instance, many singles never start a relationship because they’re always finding flaws in every potential candidate.

Keeping your eyes on God requires using the eyes of faith, which do not see through our physical eyes — the ones you’re using to read this text. The eyes of faith see through God’s integrity and reliability. He doesn’t lie nor fail. Whatever He promised, will be fulfilled.

This is enough for those who believe, regardless of what the physical eyes are showing.

Learn to always see through the eyes of faith. He will never leave your soul destitute.


P.S. This message concludes our seven-day meditation on Psalm 141. Please share your experience below.


This is part seven of a seven-day meditation on Psalm 141. If you want to start from beginning, then start here. Here’s how to join in:

  1. Read Psalm 141 in your Bible and meditate on its words throughout one week.
  2. Make a prayer request to God for your love life (or any other area where there is a more urgent need) in the morning, for seven days, beginning today.
  3. Be specific in your request; write it down on a sheet of paper and keep it in your Bible, on the page of Psalm 141.
  4. Log on to this blog daily and read the messages that will follow.
  5. On the seventh day (March 26), take your request to the Love Therapy meeting nearest you and give it to the pastor in charge.
  6. Optional: invite someone, who is in need, to join you in this challenge.

Let’s do this challenge together. Do exactly as instructed. Have faith that your request will be answered.


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