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Dividing men into two groups

Dividing men into two groups

In my opinion, we can divide all men in the world into two groups: those who wear sandals with socks and those who don’t. Every time I see a guy from the other group (I am among those who don’t, of course), I have mixed feelings between rushing in the opposite direction and beating the guy up until I remove his socks through his head. To me, it’s the height of absurdity and irrationality. If your feet are cold, put your shoes on—with socks, please. If they’re hot, wear sandals and no socks. Any variation of that makes no sense at all. And I have reliable sources of the opposite sex who think the same. They find men who wear sandals with socks simply repulsive. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Very well. Having clarified this little matter, let’s move on to something more serious. Just as the world of men can be divided in this way, we can also divide it in yet another way: between those who watch pornography and those who don’t.

Since the advent of the Internet, the group that watches pornography has increased considerably. In Brazil, two of the ten most accessed websites are pornographic. Shamefully, Brazilians are among the largest consumers and producers of porn in the world. Easy access to this content has been an escape to an unbridled desire inside many men. And I don’t mean to chew anyone out. Let’s be honest: the desire exists inside all of us, regardless of the group we belong to. The difference is in our choices.

To me, watching pornography is irrational. Yes, I understand that part of desire, curiosity and sense of physical pleasure. But I also understand that, in the long term, pornography ends a man’s sexual performance, curiosity triggers off a search for harder stuff in order to have the same feelings, and the end result is not pleasurable. And I have reliable sources of the opposite sex who do not admire at all men who watch pornography. Rather, they feel disgusted, betrayed and devalued.

Fortunately, in my optimism, I believe that in the next 10-15 years, the negative effects of pornography will have been confirmed by many more scientific studies. Sufficient evidence already exists, several studies have shown it, but pornography on the Internet is still relatively new. Things will get much worse before they get better, before people become aware of the damage. Until then, you clever man can get ahead. Come over to this side.

You don’t need that. If you’re married, you have a real woman to love, care for and make happy. Treat her well. Avoid slippers with socks; they’re not sexy. She will treat you well, and you two will enjoy endless pleasure.

If you are single, don’t let porn ruin your chances of having a healthy and enjoyable sex life when you find your future wife. And not to scare the candidates away, wear slippers without socks, please. Otherwise, you’ll stay single forever.


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