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In the same way that thorns choke the seed, distractions inhibit the ability to concentrate and focus on what really matters. Therefore, you must be rooted in the Word of God and bear fruit.

We learn in the “Parable of the Sower” that the Word of God does not change. It is one and has been the same from century to century. As God remains and does not change, his Word is the same. It is the Word that holds the ground underneath your feet. Just think about it: the Earth floats over nothing and moves at a high speed, but even so, it is firm because it obeys the Word of God, which are the laws that govern the universe. And if there is a law, there is a Legislator.

So, the Word of God does not change. However, the ears and hearts of those who receive it can change. And the different result of the Word in each one’s life depends not on the Word itself but the listener. Some people quickly absorb the Word and are happy, but that doesn’t last. There are others in which the Word has a short duration because of the troubles and comments from other people. There is also that Word sown among thorns, which are the riches and distractions that the world presents.

The world brings anxiety to people (to have more, to show off more). And where is the Word in all this? It becomes choked and unfruitful. So it is worse for a person to hear the Word and choke it with the cares of this world than for them to have never heard it. Because they feel like they know It, they listened to the Word, memorised some verses, and knew biblical stories. So, they have the impression that they know the Word of God. And they become more resistant to the Word of God because they say they already know.

Keep this in mind: Having knowledge doesn’t mean you necessarily know something. To know something is to do it. Yeah, it’s useless for you to know everything about the Bible and not practice it.

What do you need to do? You need to humble yourself, become like a child, be aware of how many distractions this world has brought you and put the Word in the place it deserves. Take care of the Word of God in your heart and mind.

Meditate on this message through the video above.

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