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This video is for you who feel like a failure because you've never achieved anything in your life.

You who feel like a failure because you have never achieved anything in your life, you think you have wasted your life, you look at your story and say: “I can’t do anything”; “I’m getting older, time is passing, and I haven’t accomplished anything”. On the other hand, you never accomplish anything precisely because you feel like a failure. In other words, you are in a vicious cycle.

What is happening in your life has two sides. One is the spiritual side.

A person who does not accomplish things in life feels like a failure because humans were created to serve a purpose, to be useful in this life.

The worst thing about people born poor is that they usually think their happiness is in making a lot of money to sit on a beach chair in a paradisiacal place. But only those who have been through this know that after 20 minutes, it gets boring. Nobody wants to be like this forever. Why do billionaires work? Because everyone wants to be useful. The human being was created to create, to produce.

So, your feeling of failure is linked to the purpose for which you were created. That’s the reason for your frustration: you haven’t found your purpose yet.

When the person is misaligned with their spiritual call, with their reason for being and living in this world, they will always feel like a failure.

How do you solve this? Turning to your Creator. When you connect with God, He makes you discover your purpose in this life. Nothing is more exciting and motivating than a person who knows their life’s purpose.

The second reason you feel this way is that you need to break this cycle, which I mentioned at the beginning. And how do we break this cycle?

You don’t control many things in your life, but what you control may be out of control. So, you need to have small successes, small victories, even if it’s tidying up your bed and your drawers today. You need to make small decisions to build success on the small achievements in your daily life. That’s how you achieve victories. If you look at any athlete or anyone successful in their field of action, that person started small and was building, increasing the difficulty. The football player doesn’t start playing in the World Cup; he starts by playing in the backyard.

The Bible says that we should not despise small beginnings. Celebrate small successes, and you will gain confidence and see that you can also.

Thus, you break this cycle of failure in your life by solving these two sides. Try this; I’m sure it will work.

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