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You certainly want perfect results in your life, that everything goes well and in the best possible way. However, only by practising small hits will we achieve this.

But the path of the just is like the shining sun, That shines ever brighter unto the perfect day. Proverbs 4:18

This proverb speaks about how God works and how the path of those who choose to walk in justice works.

I have seen a widespread mistake in people; the mistake of anxiety; wanting things to happen quickly, almost like magic. I have seen people who wish to have a happy marriage but who have never ‘planted’ happiness in their marriage. People who want perfect health but have only ‘planted’ diseases, and who want to have peace and communion with God where they have only ‘planted’ enmities and division. That is, they plant one thing and want to harvest another, and when they do not harvest what they want, they get angry, frustrated, anxious and blame everything and everyone, including God. So, these people are not aware of this path of the righteous.

The word ‘path’ means ways, and the ‘shining sun’ is the dawn. You can understand what the text means if you’ve seen the day dawn. The dawn begins when the night reaches its darkest point because from the darkest point it can only get brighter.

In other words, day does not dawn like when we turn on a switch, when the light is switched on at the same time and there is darkness to light in a fraction of a second. From night to day time passes, and little by little, darkness dissipates and gives way to the light of dawn.

Here’s a huge lesson.

Those who choose to walk in justice will not see their lives change overnight. When you are on the right track, you collect hits that add up and bring you this light of dawn that improves your life until it’s a perfect day. This is how God works. He does not work with immediacy; with the snap of His fingers everything suddenly changes in your life. Of course, there are crucial moments in our lives; the moments of change, but our lives generally do not change because some magic happens. We can conclude that there are thousands of small correct decisions: “Everything in my life is in its proper place.”

Maybe you get anxious and upset because things take a long time to happen for you, so this has to change inside you.

When we do something right, we are ‘planting’ based on what is written, and the Word of God does not fail; it guarantees results. So, if I am doing what is right, I just need to wait and trust.

Therefore, throw away the anxiety and the expectation of some magic to happen because God does not work with magic. He works with the Word, and whoever obeys it will reap its fruit.

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