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Beating jealousy and insecurity


Cynthia wrote us:

I started a new relationship and I find myself often jealous. He has female friends in dating websites and he calls ex-girlfriends. I was cheated on once before and I feel he’ll do the same thing. I need to trust in him more, but I haven’t been able to.

You need to work on these five areas:

  1. Be courageous and place boundaries. There are acceptable and unacceptable things in a relationship. Keeping contact with other women, whether by phone or on the internet, is unacceptable. Tell him your views on this. If he doesn’t accept these conditions, he’s no good for you, his principles and values are much lower than yours.
  2. Understand that he chose you and not the rest. When jealousy strikes, remember that he’s with you and not some other.
  3. Be continually successful. From every conquest in your personal life, you acquire greater self-confidence and self-esteem. Have objectives and reach them.
  4. Listen to people who have positive things to say about you. You most likely have a friend, family member, colleague etc. who points out your qualities. Listen to these people instead of those who put you down.
  5. See yourself through the eyes of God. To Him your precious, and worth the very life of His Son. Why would you think you’re inferior?

Be consistent in these areas, practice them daily, and you’ll overcome your insecurities and jealousies. If you choose to stay with him, your boyfriend’s lucky to have you, if not that’s too bad for him.


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