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Bad thoughts come to all of us; there are two sources of these thoughts and a way to take your mind back.

Before you know how to fight them, know that bad thoughts have two origins: human nature itself, which is fallen and corrupt, and the main and original, which is the devil.

Even for the Lord Jesus, the evil one, suggested suicide (Matthew 4:6), imagine for us. In the same way, he tells many people to throw themselves off the bridge and that everything will be fine, the problems will end, and they will have peace. How many people do this, convinced that ending their life will end their pain? He is also the one who suggests adultery, theft, accepting proposals for crooked money and other bad thoughts. How to deal with this?

First, you must know that thoughts come, which is inevitable, but you can chase them away. You can take control of your mind and think of something positive. And if that thought keeps coming, you remove it again.

What often helps is to leave the place where you are and do something different. Sometimes, you need to leave groups on social media, stop going to certain places, leave certain friendships that lead you to destructive paths that stimulate bad thoughts, stop accessing certain websites, and stop following certain people.

Protect your mind, watch what you see, read, and hear because everything you put inside your mind becomes raw material for thoughts and actions.

Consume good, just, of good report information, as the Bible teaches (Philippians 4:8). Take control of your mind, decide what you want to think about, and when an attack of evil comes, use the Word to counter, as Jesus did:

“…It is written again, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.” Matthew 4:7

If you want to overcome bad thoughts, connect to the source of good thoughts and meditate on the Word of God, which will be a raw material for noble, honourable, productive thoughts that will improve your life.

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Bishop Renato Cardoso