Blog Renato Cardoso | 17 de January de 2018 - 17:29

As the year begins, it is good to know:

1. Whether good or bad, your current circumstances are temporary.

2. Success is temporary.

3. Failure is temporary.

4. Your future depends on your choices.

5. Your choices depend on what you believe.

6. What you believe is not determined by what you see and hear, but by how you interpret what you see and hear.

7. How you interpret what you see and hear is determined by the stories you tell yourself, about yourself. (source: R.H. Williams)

2018 stares at you like the blank pages of a notebook, waiting for what will be written on them. The pen is in your hand. It doesn’t matter what is written on the previous pages, you decide what it will be like from now on.

What will you write on the next pages of your life?


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