Blog Renato Cardoso | 6 de September de 2014 - 19:21

As I have thought, so it shall come to pass

“Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass,
and as I have purposed, so it shall stand.” Isaiah 14:24

“As I have thought, so it shall come to pass” is more than a promise. It shows how God works. If what He thinks happens, then He does not think about what is wrong, about defeat, disgrace, fear or doubt—because this is not what He wants to happen. He thinks about His great plan and His noble projects, and sees them realized.

It is an example of how our minds should work. We have to think about what we want; imagine, envision the dream realized. We have to determine what will happen. The same power that is in God is also in us, because we are made in His image.

Use this power, this authority, to determine what you want. Think like God, determine like God. It is not abracadabra. It is the strength of the Spirit working within you.

Let it flow and get out of way.


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