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You can be transformed into a new version of yourself. There is a way to do it: by letting go of the anger that corrodes your soul and trusting in God's justice. Start now!

I want to talk to you, who has become a person full of anger and whose normal state is indignation (sometimes even reaching hatred and revenge). You have become an unbeliever of everything and everyone. You no longer believe in justice, love, or respect, not even in human beings. Are you the type of person who says: “The more I know a human being, the more I love my dog”? And I understand you.

Perhaps you have adopted a motto: “In life, it is me, God and no one else”. You took this stance after so many disappointments. And now you act individually and rely as little as possible on human beings.

Do you know why you became like this? Because you were disappointed by people from whom you expected a lot (or maybe not so much, but expected the least). You were disappointed with family members, people at church, and human beings due to their lack of decency after you had helped someone. You did something willingly for someone, and they betrayed you in return. So, in order not to get hurt anymore, after being let down, you decided to put up a barrier so you wouldn’t get hurt again.

However, think with me: you, today, are a product of the people you most despise. The people who failed you created this version of you. And you try to retain your kindness and sanity, but you are at the brim (of exploding, of rudeness). You are becoming like those people you criticised. Is this the best way?

So, I understand you completely, and I have already felt something like this. And God also knows that human beings tend to revolt because of their sense of justice. This sense of justice comes from God, who places it within us as a compass against evil.

But the Word of God says: “for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God” (James 1:20).

Your wrath will generate more injustices, hurt people, and people who will become highly individualistic and distrustful of human beings and the world will only get worse.

So, the solution is to trust God. Your best version of yourself is the version that God can create, which He calls the “new creature.” He is someone who has a different view of humanity. Do you think God is not angry too? In Psalm 7, it is written that God is angry every day. And with all His power, don’t you think He could bring down a lightning storm and end it all? But He looks at human beings with different eyes. So, you have to see the world as God sees it. This won’t stop you from feeling angry (because God does, too), but it will prevent you from being consumed by it.

Maybe you closed yourself off from friendships. Perhaps you, man, say: “I don’t care about women. They only bring problems.” And all the women in the world pay the price because of two or three who made you suffer. And you pay the price of loneliness, of closing yourself off from the world, from your family. And you’re left with a terrible way of life: I don’t want people, but I need people. You need to understand: “I will not continue to be a product of these people. I want to become the version that God wants me to be. I will look at human beings as God does. I also want to have understanding. I want to have another point of view.”

So, talk to God so He can remove from your heart this combination of emotional garbage accumulated over the years. And may you be wise (it’s not being naive). The wise one knows all the evil in the world but does not allow themselves to be corrupted. They are above the evil of the world.

Think about it by listening to the entire message in the video above.

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Bishop Renato Cardoso