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How many times have you complained this year? Did that help change the situation? I don't think so! Understand that everything around you changes when you change the way you look at things.

The murmuring spirit does not dwell in those who have the Holy Spirit; the two things are incompatible because those who have the Holy Spirit know how to give thanks, know how to be grateful, know how to recognise their situation, and always look at the positive side of everything, no matter how difficult and dire the situation they are living in may be.
The sacred text says in Ephesians 5:20: “giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ“.

We have to learn to have this grateful spirit and not the murmuring spirit, which was, in the history of the people of Israel, one of the most recurring sins. However, it wasn’t the murmuring that brought deliverance from slavery in Egypt but rather a cry out.

When they stopped murmuring and began to cry out, God came down and came to set them free (Exodus 2:23-25). But they took this murmuring spirit to the desert, so sometimes the food was not good; sometimes Moses caused their dissatisfaction. In other words, there was always a small situation to complain about; nothing was ever good. You must know someone like that.

So, these people murmured a lot and constantly expressed these complaints against God, against Moses and the whole situation. This murmuring was the reason they died in the desert. Many people do not understand that they are defeated in life because they have a murmuring spirit.

We are placed in a world far from perfect; since the world has turned its back on God, it is subject to its corruption. The Bible says that our rest is not here on this earth because it is destroyed by corruption (Micah 2:10/Isaiah 24.5).

See: when the Saviour of the world, the Son of the Most High, came to this earth and was born of a woman, under what circumstances was He born? The sacred text says Mary gave birth in a manger because there was no place in the inn.

A manger was the horse feeder, the only place it had. Look at the circumstances in which the Saviour of the world, the Son of God, was born. That’s because He came subject to the circumstances of this world; He didn’t have an inn, He had nothing but a stable, and it was there that Mary gave birth. They could have said, “Oh mine, angel Gabriel only told me that I would give birth to the Saviour of the world, but he didn’t tell me it was going to be in a stable amidst the horses”.

Yes, but did you see Mary or Joseph murmuring somewhere? Or, later, Jesus, in his adult life, murmuring about this fact? No, you don’t see murmuring because, in fact, what was terrible was good because it was a prophecy that had been fulfilled.

Therefore, the difficult situation will become a blessing if you start looking at things with thankfulness and gratitude, praising God and seeking His purpose.

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Bishop Renato Cardoso