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A tip to find true love

TITITI* – You talk about relationships… but what tips would you give those who want to find true love?

Cristiane – If you want to find true love, first you yourself have to be lovely [laughing]. Many people are worried about finding someone to love, but first, they themselves have to be happy. The problem is that many who are not happy look for a relationship to end their unhappiness. And so, sadness, insecurity and a constant need for attention end up spoiling every relationship. First, you have to remove the things that are getting in the way. Insecurity, for example, generates jealousy and possessive behavior. Only by being happy and at peace with yourself will you be able to make someone else happy.

Renato – Taking care of yourself first is something that we talk about a lot in the book, “Namoro Blindado” (to be released in English soon). It’s useless living by feelings. You must work on yourself first; otherwise, may even be with the right person for you, but you’ll end up spoiling the relationship.

Interview to Tititi magazine – part 3.


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