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8 tips to end narrow-minded thinking

8 tips to end narrow-minded thinking

Narrow-minded people don’t like new ideas; they cling desperately to their own way of thinking. They think they’re always right and have no qualms about attacking anyone who contradicts them. They’re almost always outdated — stuck in time.

They refuse to better themselves and refuse to consider other people’s point of view.

In some way, we are all narrow-minded. No one is perfectly open-minded about everything. Because of this, don’t get upset if someone decides to share this article with you — they probably think it may help you. The list of tips below is useful for us all.

How does open-mindedness work? How can you get smarter without becoming more narrow-minded? Let’s look at a few things that can help:

  1. Read more. Be selective in your reading. Read up on subjects that will enrich the knowledge and skills that you require to achieve your goals. If you like photography, or work in that field, read about the best photographers, their techniques and their work. Do you want to overcome shyness? Read about it.
  2. Visit new places. Travelling is one of the best remedies for a narrow mind. You may not be able to fly to Tokyo, but it’s amazing how many new things we can discover on the other side of the city we live in, or in a nearby city.
  3. Encourage rather than put down. For some reason, narrow-minded people feel the need to tear other people down. You need to do the opposite. Praise other people, show your approval, cheer for their success and celebrate their achievements. If you can’t find anything to praise, at the very least, stop criticizing.
  4. Listen more. Narrow-minded people love to hear themselves talk. When someone else gets a chance to say something, do you think they pay attention? No. They are already thinking about what they’re going to say next. Force yourself to listen to other people, to pay attention to them.
  5. Think about upgrading your friends. Friends can be directly responsible for our limitations and achievements. Having narrow-minded friends guarantees that you will become narrow-minded. Look for people who are better and stronger than you, and get to know them. Be a help to them. When you are a good friend you will win good friends.
  6. Learn from great thinkers. Start with the top thinker, and then work your way down. By learning from Him, you’ll safeguard yourself from being open-minded for what is bad.
  7. Stop judging things and people by appearance. Work at understanding things and people before passing judgment.
  8. Watch documentaries. Forget soap operas, your favorite reality show and the latest news reports. They don’t add anything to your life — they’ll steal your precious time. Documentaries from reputable sources — e.g. BBC, Discovery, History Channel, etc. —  are excellent ways of travelling without even getting up from the sofa.

I could give you a lot more good tips, but this is a start.


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