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5 Signs of Emotional Men

What is worse than an emotional woman? An emotional man. And having to deal with an emotional woman is already a hard enough task. How can you recognize an emotional man? Here goes five signs, among many others:

  1. On the first or second date, he will already tell you some sad story about his childhood. Emotional men love to play the victim. That is why he will quickly share everything he’s been through, so you will see him as a “poor little guy.”
  2. You cell phone will ring, vibrate, flicker and beep every 15 seconds. Yes, it is he again. At times, just to tell you how he misses you since you left for work 10 minutes ago. At other times, to argue because you did not reply to the 358 messages he sent you before noon. (Emotional men, for some reason, are avid keyboard lovers.)
  3. He gets into a bad mood faster than you can read this sentence. From out of nowhere. Everything was fine and then, suddenly it wasn’t. For no apparent reason. You even feel like looking into his eyes and saying, “I cast you out from this body!” You don’t understand what’s going on and you ask yourself, “What have I done this time?” Don’t worry, you haven’t done a thing. He is probably going through male PMS.
  4. It is always your fault. Always. He lied, but it was because you would argue with him if he had told you the truth. He cheated, but it was because you rejected him first. He spent all the money, but only because he was so stressed out and really needed that new smartphone (that will allow him to text you with double the speed). If you had been calmer, more loving, friendlier, more understanding, and richer, he would not have acted like that. After all, “I love you very much” — he will make sure to remind you of that.
  5. His speeches make you think you married Aristotle. When an emotional man is truly inspired, he can go for hours on end philosophizing, lecturing, complaining about everything from the evils of humanity to the color of your nail polish; and woe is you if he notices you are not paying attention. You will get an extra two-hour earful just because of that.

Leaving the humor aside, all these signs are true, especially if more than one is present. Here, I am discussing more about the problem than the solution. That is because every solution starts with the recognition that there is a problem.

If you are an emotional man, you must acknowledge the disadvantages of being that way and how hard it makes having to deal with you. I am not saying that there is no positive aspects to that, nor that you are a bad person. I am only pointing out that there are people around who observe you and relate with you somehow. If you recognize where you are forcing it, you’re up to a good start.

If you are a woman in a relationship with an emotional man, you must also acknowledge the problem in order to figure out what you are going to do about it. If you’re not married yet, the first and safest tip is: Get out while you still can! If you are single and you are wondering if you should date a man like that, why on Earth would you bring that upon yourself?

Now, if you are married to one, fast and pray, dear friend. Any other tip that I may find out, I promise I’ll let you know.


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