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How to receive the Holy Spirit


First step: Be aware.

Understand that no one is baptised with the Holy Spirit because they deserve it. Anyone who thinks they’re worthy of the Holy Spirit will never receive it. This baptism should be sought with all of your strength and with all your heart, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Second step: Want.

You can’t simply want it because you think it’s a good idea to have or because others have it. You must yearn to have it because you understand that it’s as necessary as salvation. This need is similar to the need for forgiveness for your sins. It’s an ardent need, above any other aspiration or heart’s desire. It’s more than life, marriage, and all the wealth in the world; it’s more than anything the world can offer. This is why the Lord requires us to thirst for His presence. You need to be thirsty. If anyone is thirsty… (John 7:37). You must truly want it and be willing to fight for it; otherwise it’ll be very difficult.

Third Step: Give thought.

Your want has to be followed by constant thoughts of the Person of the Holy Spirit. He should continuously be on your mind; whether it’s at home, work, while running errands, at church or anywhere else for that matter. Think about Him as much as possible, just like when you’re in a relationship with someone. When you’re in love, you always end up thinking about that special someone, right? The same thing should happen with those seeking the Divine Seal. The important thing is to keep your focus on Him. Needless to say that during this time, you should separate yourself from anything that can pollute your good conscience. Avoid hanging around with the wrong crowd or people that aren’t of the same faith because they’ll end up distracting you and disrupting your relationship with the Holy Spirit. It’s difficult but not impossible. Faith requires sacrifices. If you’re willing to take all the necessary measures when fighting for your prosperity, the same principle should be applied even more so to your spiritual life. Imagine the Holy Spirit’s abundance!

Know that this takes a supernatural effort.


There’s nothing more that is needed after all these conditions are met, and worrying about it is useless. Just wait. The baptism can happen at any moment and anywhere: at home, work, while running errands, at church etc, because you have seen to it that there are no obstacles impeding the Lord Jesus from baptising you with His Spirit.

Note: It’s very likely that the devil with attack you with dirty thoughts during the time that you’re occupying your mind “with the Person of the Holy Spirit”. Don’t fret when this happens, it’s an excellent sign that you’re on the right track. Don’t become discouraged. Don’t worry. Don’t feel as though you have sinned against Him because temptation is not sin. Sin is when you fall into temptation. The only unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Don’t be afraid or back down when you’re bombarded with dirty thoughts. Seize the moment, resist the devil and praise the Lord Jesus, whether it’s through singing or worship (in a loud or low voice, depending on your privacy).The important thing is not fearing or being intimidated by the dirty thoughts. React! And by react, I mean, praise God.

Bishop Edir Macedo

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