Bishop macedo | 23 de November de 2019 - 10:39

The Rod of Faith

The Rod of Faith

And you shall take this rod in your hand, with which you shall do the signs. Exodus 4.17

The rod was essential. Moses would have to take it wherever he went because the work he would be doing by delivering the people of Israel from Egypt would not be done by his own strength, ability or intelligence, it would only be possible through the Power of God. Only by faith, which is the rod, can the will of God be done. This goes for us too!

All of our work, all of our life, all that we desire and even our Salvation depends on faith, because it is through faith, and faith alone, that the Holy Spirit can use us to do the work that God wants us to do in this world.

Unfortunately, as the years pass, many lose sight of the need to live by a sacrificial faith and start wanting to “enjoy life.” They begin doing the Work of God on autopilot, relying on their experience, how long they’ve been in the work, their “influences,” their knowledge…

This is why we have so many “exes.” They did not pay attention to this reality and ended up failing in their personal life and also in their ministry.

We cannot forget the beginning of our relationship with God, the pureness of our intentions, the goals that led us to serve God, the bold and determined faith that led us to sacrifice all our lives to serve.

This is why God commanded Moses to always carry the rod.

It was part of the mission, and couldn’t be left behind or forgotten.

The success of a man of God lies in never setting aside the “rod” God has given him.

It is, therefore, essential to nourish and keep alive the flame of our faith, our first love, fear of God. And this can only be achieved through an intimate, profound and daily communion with God.

If we strive for this, our faith will always remain pure, alive, and ready to sacrifice whatever is necessary. This will result in fruits for our God, and fruits that will endure.

We can never forget our rod (faith)!

Wherever we go or are sent, it has to be the first thing placed in our luggage, because it is by faith that we will make God’s Glory be seen. With it, we will conquer nations, peoples, entire cities for our Savior, without losing what is most important, our Salvation!

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