Bishop macedo | 19 de November de 2019 - 21:42

Like a sheep away from her Pastor…

Like a sheep away from her Pastor…

I returned to the Universal Church after being away from God’s Presence during some long, hard years.

Those were the worst days of my life!

It was a living hell!

My soul screamed, my teeth gnashed, my flesh was massacred, my tears were blood because of the pain I felt in my soul.

I slept in abandoned places, on the street, at the bus station. I ate leftovers (out of the garbage). My children had to stay away from me. My daughter drank a bottle of water with cornstarch because I didn’t have milk.

I was the trash of society. I was trampled, humiliated, massacred, beaten.

My family was far from believing that I could ever change. But my mother never gave up on me. I praise and thank GOD for her life and everyone else that prayed for me.

I praise and thank God for the life of an assistant that gave me a Word of Life every time he passed by me. He did not see me in the condition I was in, but like a sheep that was away from her Pastor.

I don’t remember exactly how long it’s been, but I’ve been back for more than 15 years, and every day is like the first day in the Presence of my LORD JESUS CHRIST!

It wasn’t easy to come back. My soul cried out for my first LOVE, because nothing made sense, nothing was fulfilling without my first LOVE.

Never give up fighting!

Hold on to the hands of GOD with all your might!

I love the Universal Church!

God bless Bishop Macedo and his family!


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