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    He was homeless, but became very successful.

    "My mother abandoned me, so from an early age, I had to live on the streets. I lived like an animal. Then, one day, I was invited to go to the Universal Church. That’s where I learned to have dignity, be a good citizen and behave like a person. Today, I have a home, a family and I'm a well-respected businessman."

    Cláudio Soares, Entrepreneur
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    After 10 years of addictions, André is drug free.

    "I started with marijuana, and then progressed to crack. In order to support my addiction, I sold things from my house. But one day, I was watching TV and learned about the Treatment for Healing of Addictions at the Universal Church, so I decided to attend. I put everything they taught into practice, and my life changed. Today, I can say that addictions have a cure, because I am healed."

    Andre Luiz de Barros Alves, Lawyer
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    Delivered from depression and addictions

    "I had depression and constant suicidal thoughts. When I met my husband, he was already addicted to cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. We argued a lot and things escalated to the point where he would physically abuse me. I was invited to the Universal Church, where, over time, I was delivered from the depression, and my husband was delivered from the addictions. Our life changed completely. We are very happy now."

    Maria Estela Nogueira and Nogueira Aécio, Entrepreneurs
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    A Family restored by the power of God

    "Our marriage was destroyed. We argued constantly and there were betrayals. Our business went bankrupt. We were separated when I decided to go to the Universal Church and fight to restore my marriage. Today, there is abundance in our life, in every aspect. We are very happy. We found success, thanks to the God that the Universal Church introduced us to. "

    Walkiria and Enilson Rodrigues Pereira, Entrepreneurs
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    Doctors told Edivaldo there was no cure

    "My life depended on taking pills. When I had epileptic seizures, it didn’t matter where I was, I would fall and hit myself against things, until passersby would find it in their hearts to help me. It was horrible. After participating in the meetings, I was healed. I began working at a dental office. At first, I was just an employee, but after some time, I bought part of the business and have been growing since then. Currently, I own a chain of clinics, my family is happy and I’m a successful entrepreneur. "

    Edivaldo de Carvalho, Entrepreneur
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